Difference between a tank and other armored vehicles

It is not that only trunks are used on the battlefield. They are many other armored trucks that can be used in war. It is very irritating, but most of us think that every truck used during a battle is the trunk. Here are a few of the things that will clarify the difference between a tank and other vehicles used during a war.

M1 Abrams

This is the only vehicle used by the American that one can describe as a tank. This was first made and used in 1976, but till now has gone through many modifications and up gradations.  These tanks contain uranium made ceramic armor. You can find a lot of them in the American arsenal and even more than that in the service. These can be found in places like Saudi, Kuwait, and Australia. It is very easy to move these tanks, as they are large in size and contains a free moving long turret.

armored trucks


The next one in this list is the Paladin. This looks like a tank due to its excellent features but is actually artillery. This looks smaller than the tank mentioned above. The weight of this one is half of Abrams. The reason why this popular and look like a tank is that the gun is very large in size and it is well armored. The gun is big in size, but the features of it are not like the guns of the tanks. They are designed to fire in an indirect way and not directly like the Abrams.

Bradley infantry

This one too looks very similar to the tanks as they can be kept on the front line in the battles and has a turret that can be freely moved. One thing that differentiates this from a tank is the size of its main cannon. It has a gun of 25mm which stand nowhere in front of Abrams 120 mm gun. They perform very well in the battlefield, but the difference between the tank Abrams and this can be noticed by comparing the armor, gun size and the size of both the machines as a whole. More than that, it does not have any turret.

M1150 assault breacher

This looks very similar to Abrams as its construction is based on Abrams manufacturing. Here also, the difference lies in the gun size. This does not have that 120 mm gun.

armored trucks in Canada


These vehicles have a capacity of carrying up to 25 infantrymen at a time. They do a very good job on the battlefield. They have such armors that are perpendicular to the ground which helps a lot on the battlefield. This is a key thing that many tanks do not have. The only thing that does not make it a tank is its small gun size.

LAV- 25

Like the former one, this is again an armored trucks that floats on the ocean. These were initially used by the American marine police. The thing that is not good in this truck is the rubber road wheels and this is the reason why it is not considered a trunk.

So, these are a few of the points that clearly differentiate the other armored vehicles from the tanks. To find more info about  armored trucks read this article!